veículo de difusão de informações em análise de marcha, reabilitação e biomecânica, captura de movimento para produções industriais
clinical gait analysis, rehabilitation and biomechanics, industrial "motion capture" (MoCap)

Papers: Mielomeningocele

  • Análise laboratorial de marcha na mielomeningocele
  • Análise laboratorial de marcha na mielomeningocele de nível lombar baixo e instabilidade unilateral do quadril
    Laboratorial analysis of the myelomeningocele gait of lower lumbar level and unilateral hip instability
  • Centre of mass motion during gait in persons with myelomeningocele
  • The Use of Diagnostic Gait Analysis in the Treatment of Spina Bifida
  • Diagnostic instrumented gait analysis is a well established method of measuring the abnormalities of gait in individuals with spina bifida. Comprehensive gait analysis testing for this purpose should include an appropriate physical examination, recording passive joint range of motion, muscle strength and tone, kinematic measurement of major joint and segment motions in the lower extremity and trunk in three dimensions, measurement of ground reaction forces with a force plate, then combining this data with kinematics to report joint moments and powers during gait. It may also include surface electromyography to record activation patterns of principal muscles used during gait. Dynamic fine wire electromyography is included when indicated.