veículo de difusão de informações em análise de marcha, reabilitação e biomecânica, captura de movimento para produções industriais
clinical gait analysis, rehabilitation and biomechanics, industrial "motion capture" (MoCap)


Introducing Levels of Evidence to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

Publicações de Fabricantes:

A leading motion capture community journal featuring a variety of case studies.

  • 2003, volume 1
  • Welcome to Motion Times
    Theme and Variations in Repetitive Human Movements
    Motion Capture on the Move
    Medicos Biomecanica in Santiago, Chile
    Outsourcing Movement Analysis in Sweden
    Codamotion in Orbit
    The essential guide to real-time motion capture

  • 2004, volume 1
  • Balancing During Virtual Motions
    Motion Capture and the Progress of Science
    Experiencing the scope of CODA

  • 2004, volume 2
  • Muscle Shape Change During Contraction
    Improving the eye movements of cerebellar patients improves their walking: studies combining eye tracking (ASL) and gait analysis (CODA)
    Hip force direction duringrunning and walking

  • 2004, volume 3
  • The World’s first mobile gait laboratory
    The importance of a Clinical Gait Analysis Lab
    Using Coda to assess spinal movement

  • 2005, volume 1
  • Biomechanical Analysis of Functional Performance During a Chair Rise Task
    Mobile Gait Laboratory - A Rewarding First Year’s Experience
    Motion analysis and ultrasound: Techniques for measuring muscle and tendon function

  • 2005, volume 2
  • Robotic-Assessment of Walking May Enhance Therapeutic Outcomes Following Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury
    A comparison of normal data between two clinical gait analysis labs
    Fluctuations in knee angular acceleration in young and older adults during functional tasks
    Mapping Musical Movement: The Physical Expression of Musical Individuality

  • 2006, volume 1
  • Successful foot-eye coordination depends on fast reactions and watching your step
    Motion Analysis of functional upper limb movements following a stroke
    Recovery of postural control and head activity in the early stages of recovery post-stroke
    Analysis of postural sway to determine the balance strategy utilised in normal and anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed subjects

  • 2006, volume 2
  • Lower Extremity Amputation - Gait analysis
    Advancing our understanding of walking on a treadmill: Implications in Neurorehabilitation

  • 2008, volume 1
  • Full body motion analysis of trip recovery in youngerand olderadults
    Identification of Instants of Touchdown and Take-Off in Sprint Running
    Human walking and running forces: novel experimental characterisation and application in civil engineering dynamics
    The Effects of a Taping Technique on Foot Motion and Joint Displacement During Gait
    Movement Analysis in Singapore

  • 2008, volume 2
  • Evaluating the performance of a vision-based human motion capture system mounted on a humanoid robot
    Advancing our understanding of walking on a treadmill: Implications in Neurorehabilitation
    The effect of patella taping on lower limb joint movement and anterior knee pain
    Plymouth community benefits from motion analysis
    Kinematic technique for evaluation of athletic conditioning effects on equine degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis

  • 2009, volume 1
  • The influence of cricket leg guards on running times and stride parameters
    Kinematic analysis of the golf swing
    Bilateral ground reaction forces and joint moments for lateral sidestepping and crossover stepping tasks
    Multidisciplinary high-tech research in Belgium

  • 2010, volume 1
  • Motor learning without the sixth sense
    A portable system for collecting anatomical joint angles during stair ascent: a comparison with an optical tracking device
    The influence of work rate and cadence on movement coordination in cycling
    Kinematic changes during learning thelongswing on high bar