veículo de difusão de informações em análise de marcha, reabilitação e biomecânica, captura de movimento para produções industriais
clinical gait analysis, rehabilitation and biomechanics, industrial "motion capture" (MoCap)


Análise Observacional da Marcha:

  • Análise de Vídeo
  • Planilha em MS-Excel para descrição dos eventos da marcha humana com uso de imagens de vídeo.
  • e-Ruler 1.1 - Trial version
  • e-Ruler is a powerful measuring tool for Windows. It's simple and easy to use. It can measure angle, slant line and length of multi-point. Also, it has a magnifier which can zoom from x2 to x6. In all, it can measure anything on your screen.
  • MotionPerfect - Trial version
  • MotionPerfect can change the speed, frame-rate and run-time of an AVI video. In each operation, MotionPerfect calculates motion within the video so all newly computed frames have all objects moved to the proper placement within new frames.
  • Xcitex: Free MiDas Lens Calculator
  • The MiDAS Lens Calculator lets you calculate the parameters of your optics and lenses, pick your focal length, and calculate your working distance, object distance, field of view, depth of focus and more.
  • Xcitex: Free MiDas Player
  • The MiDAS Player provides all the loading, saving and playback functions of MiDAS 4.0 - for free. Now you can load your MiDAS images, synchronized data files, tracked points, spreadsheet analyses, IRIG/GPS timing and position data, and notes. The MiDAS Player displays them exactly as you would see them in MiDAS 4.0.

Placa de captura de vídeo: